Colours go in and out of fashion, for everything from interior décor to clothing and graphic design. Yet it’s a lot easier buying a new top in a different colour, than it is to change the colour of a wall, so you want to get it right the first time and for as long as you need it.

Understanding how trends can fit into a design that works beyond the current year is what great designing is all about and that’s where we come in. Our paint palette is updated yearly, to give you the confidence that you can be as classic or as trendy as you like. 

But Axolotl is more than just a paint company, we are a design and ideas company and this is where you can come to get inspiration for your next design project, news on trends and products as well as general painting advice.   

These palettes provide an across the board spectrum of all Axolotl products including metal, concrete, glass, terracotta, timber and paint, as well as other products we wanted to share. 

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Green is the colour of life, it embodies energies that can serve to both stimulate or relax. ‘Greenery’ was chosen as the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017, so expect to see this hue start replacing the omnipresent blue and polarising pink of the past few years. 

Our collection provides a range of deep moody shades reminiscent of dense jungle canopies, try layering the tones and textures for striking effect. 

This palette may be in vogue, but it isn't novel, especially when the built environment is often so separated from nature in modern times and cities. Bring nature in to your home, with colours and materials that will help you re-connect and revitalise your space.

This palette includes a range of Axolotl's products such as sheet metals, Axolotl Metal and Timberlink, which can be utilised to add variation, texture and sheen to your project.

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A neutral palette is every designers go to, however it isn't quite that easy to pull off. To create the feeling of warmth and comfort when using whites, the trick is to layer the subtle tones and textures throughout the space. Texture brings shading and the tactility necessary for comfort - it is the human condition to be contented when surrounded by a soft, relaxing and serene environment.

Neutrals also help to make space feel light filled and large, by exploring materiality with interesting profiles such as timber, or the gentle embossed patterns found in Axolotl Concrete and Terracotta you can still add plenty of interest and edge to the space.

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Zinc has the remarkable ability to embody both cool and warm tones and can transform depending on its application and surroundings. We consider zinc the opposite of the sterile stainless steel that we have come to know in modern times. This trend exemplifies how metallic tones can be utilised to create soft and layered designs, tying in beautifully with natural timbers, plush carpets and soft furnishings. This palette can be successfully incorporated into new or heritage projects, products such as Axolotl Lustre glass with a soft reflective nature can be utilised internally on feature walls and splash backs, Axolotl Metal and Sheet Metals can clad façades or doors externally. But of course these products can be utilised in many other ways, view our gallery to get inspired, or use your imagination, the options are endless.

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A collection inspired by the rich and vivid tones found on a journey through a Moroccan spice bazar. These bold hues conjure up feelings of warmth and memories of fragrant aromas. It is no wonder these majestic tones transcend into all facets of life including beauty, fashion, and architecture. This palette includes a range of Axolotl’s products such as sheet metals, Axolotl Metal and Terracotta which have the inherent ability to re-create the beautiful patinas and textures found in nature.

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When you choose an Axolotl Paint, you have the confidence that comes with choosing from a palette of classic and on-trend colours curated by design experts, with the added reassurance that professional designers are available to discuss your needs at any time. Yet sometimes you need a bit more and this is where a colour consultant can really help.  

Likewise, whilst our paints can be applied by anyone and we always provide extensive technical instructions, you may prefer to hand over your project to an expert painter.

With this in mind, we have brought together a team of specialist designers and master painters that we believe care as much about bringing your dreams to life, as you do. They also love and know Axolotl Paint as much as us.  

A guide for costs for an in-home colour consultation is $350 for the interior of the house, $450 for both the interior and exterior. The interior service generally includes up to 5 rooms and will take around an hour in the house, with the consultant summarising and forwarding recommendations after your meeting. If you would like more information, or to book a consultation, email us on or call the showroom - 02 9666 1207.  

Unfortunately, at this stage our team can only service the Sydney area, however we will do what we can to help you find good professionals in your own area if you require.

Of course you may want to do it yourself and we want you to get the most out of the Axolotl Paint products you are using. The following links cover different aspects of the process from preparation and accessories to how you apply the different paints and colours. 

If you don’t find the information you require here, or if you require the advice in a different language, please email for further assistance.