What is Axolotl Chroma?

Axolotl Chroma is a high quality acrylic paint designed for internal and external applications. The premium quality base has been formulated to achieve stronger opacity, fuller colours and better paintability than conventional paints. Chroma is available in a variety of bases including: ceiling flat, flat, low sheen, satin & gloss.

Where can Chroma be used?

Axolotl Chroma can be used for both internal and external applications.

What is the best sheen level for my application?

 It is recommended to use a suitable sheen level for the application:

  • Ceiling Flat and Flat base are recommended for use on ceilings and low traffic applications. Flat bases will help to hide unevenness and imperfections in the painted surface, however the paint is more susceptible to marking as it has an open pore structure.
  • Low Sheen is the most popular sheen level for interior and exterior walls due to its easier serviceability, and good ability to help conceal uneven surfaces.
  • Satin and Gloss sheen levels are have a higher sheen and are popular for use on internal and external trims.

Can Chroma paint be touched up?

Internally, Chroma paints can be touched up quite successfully using the same colour and application method as the first application.

Externally, lighter colours can generally be successfully touched-up, darker colours can fade over time and may be more difficult to match. For best results it is recommended to repaint the entire wall.

What is the Lifespan of Axolotl Chroma?

The lifespan of Axolotl Chroma is approximately 7- 10 years. Axolotl Chroma is warranted for 7 years with correct application including Axolotl primer.