What is Axolotl Timber Wash?

Axolotl Timber Washes are available in a range of on trend tones and capitalise on the natural grain of timber. With low VOC’s, the water based collection is easy to use and designed for use on quality timbers such as Cedar, Cypress, Oregon, treated Pine, all texture Ply and hardwoods.

 What is the difference between Timber Wash Interior and Timber Wash Exterior?

 Axolotl Timber Wash Interior is the perfect choice in internal applications where the timber needs both protection and enhanced colour. Axolotl Timber Wash Interior can be sealed with a topcoat enabling you to create this look on high traffic areas such as furniture, bench tops and floors. The Clear Acrylic Sealer and hardwearing Urethane Sealer are only available for internal use.

Axolotl Timber Wash Exterior is an opaque penetrating water based stain, it provides a matt finish and is available in a select range of colours. Axolotl Timber Wash Exterior is easy to use, has low odour and low VOC. It provides a water repellent finish that is highly UV, mould and mildew resistant while binding the wood fibres together reducing swelling and shrinking which leads to cracking and erosion. Axolotl Timber Wash Exterior is slow drying and is not intended for trafficable surfaces.

How do I apply Timber Wash evenly?

Axolotl Timber Wash Interior is a translucent timber wash that allows the timber colour and grain to read through the coat. 

To avoid banding in the finish it is important to coat the surface from end to end. We recommend painting smaller and more manageable batches of panels or boards at a time to help maintain the wet edge during application.

The first coat of Timber Wash Interior can also be diluted with up to 30% water to help get a consistent first coat before soaking into the timber.

Application is by brush or pad, it should be applied in the direction of the grain. Excess coating can be removed with a cloth.We recommend test coating timber wash onto a sample piece of your timber prior to coating the entire job so that you can determine how many coats achieve the desired result.

Why can’t Axolotl sealers be used externally?

Axolotl Clear Acrylic Sealer and Urethane Sealer are both suited for internal use only due to their limited UV stability. If used externally the sealers may yellow, or break down and flake over time.

The information above is provided to assist our clients and is based on our experience in the paint industry. For further information, technical assistance or pricing please contact the Axolotl Paint sales team.