What is Axolotl Micaceous?

Axolotl Micaceous is an acrylic paint with fine particles of pigmented iron oxides, which fuse to create soft lustrous effects. The range was developed in a select range of hues suited to architectural detailing and complimenting the vast range of Axolotl metals. Axolotl Micaceous can be spray or brush applied in two coats to create even or directional effects. Note: due to the reflective iron particles it is difficult to achieve an even appearance with brush or roller, lapping marks will become evident and it is recommended to spray apply if an even appearance is required.

Where can Micaceous be used?

Axolotl Micaceous can be used both internally and externally. Micaceous is a flat based paint with a lightly grained surface, due to the sand paper like surface scuff marks can become apparent. For added serviceability Axolotl Clear Acrylic Sealer can be applied with one or two coats for internal applications only. Please note, the use of clear acrylic sealer will change the appearance of the Micaceous paint slightly. Externally Micaceous paint may need to be re-applied as required to refresh the appearance.


How does Axolotl Rust Paint differ from the Axolotl Rust Metal coating?

Axolotl Rust paint is an acrylic paint system which can be applied by the client on site. Axolotl Rust Paint is a 3-part system including a Base, Age & Seal. The Axolotl Rust Paint ‘Base’ includes real iron particles, which can be naturally rusted with the ‘Age’ paint base to create a real rust coating.

Items treated with the Axolotl Rust metal coating will need to come to the Axolotl factory for coating. Skilled technicians and polishers, in controlled factory conditions, apply Axolotl metal coatings. The Axolotl Metal coating again uses real iron particles, and can be rusted to achieve a very strong and often more uniform rusted appearance than the acrylic paint. Axolotl Rust coatings are also sealed with a 2pak topcoat system which is more durable and prevents 99% of leaching.

How long does it take for Axolotl Rust Paint to show rust?

The results of the Axolotl Rust paint are greatly determined by the applicator, the substrate and the weather conditions at the time of painting. Results can vary, and the Rust paint base may require additional time to process before sealing.

We recommend painting over a primed substrate to minimise absorption of the Rust base paint and help maintain moisture.

Only seal your Rust Paint when you are happy with the results as it will stop it from rusting further. The sealer paint will also darken the appearance of the rusted paint, we recommend testing a small area first to make sure you are happy with the result.

The information above is provided to assist our clients and is based on our experience in the paint industry. For further information, technical assistance or pricing please contact the Axolotl Paint sales team.