What is Axolotl Elastomeric Membrane?

Axolotl Elastomeric Membrane is a highly flexible and protective skin, which will expand and contract with the structure without deterioration. Axolotl Elastomeric Membrane can be used as a primer and filler on surfaces that require waterproofing or added flexibility. Elastomeric Membrane is supplied in a paste like consistency and is suitable for use on masonry surfaces, suitably primed timber and steel, concrete, asbestos, tiles, polystyrene, polyurethane foam and fibre cement sheeting.


What can Elastomeric Membrane be over coated with?

Axolotl Elastomeric Membrane can be over coated with Axolotl Metta and Chroma paints. It can also be directly tinted in a select range of colours, leaving a satin like finish. Do not use Axolotl Cement Paint over the Elastomeric Membrane, Cement paint is not flexible and will crack.

The information above is provided to assist our clients and is based on our experience in the paint industry. For further information, technical assistance or pricing please contact the Axolotl Paint sales team.