Use a large, good quality brush

Investing in a wide filament brush is worthwhile as it will not only hold more paint, but will achieve quicker coverage due to its size. They also don’t lose their bristles like the cheaper brushes do.

Cleaning Brushes & Rollers

Between coats a handy tip is to wrap the brush or roller in cling film and place in the refrigerator while you wait, this will prevent them from drying out and means you don’t need to wash them out between coats! The trays can also be cling filmed in between coats.

Spills & Splatters

Keep a clean damp cloth close by to wipe up paint splatters as they happen. This will prevent the paint from drying and being near impossible to remove.

Painting skirting and trims

Cardboard, or a metal ruler can be used in place of masking when painting skirting and trims. Take care to keep the guard clean from excess paint as you move along!

Packing used tins away

Place tin lid on base and cover with a rag before banging the lid shut with a hammer or mallet. The rag will prevent any excess pain in the rim spraying you or the floor. The lid should be closed air tight to keep the left over paint for its next use.

Labelling tins

A handy hint is to mark the paint level on the outside of the tin with permanent marker, and to note where it was used i.e Bathroom trims.

Don’t mask your glass

Running a blade around the beading will separate the painted border from the painted glass. Then all you need to do is scrape a sharp blade along the surface of the glass, on approximately a 45 degree angle to skim up the paint. Take care not to cut into the glass surface with the blade.

Work your way from the top to the bottom

Paint the ceiling first, then prime and paint walls. Paint trims last

The information above is provided to assist our clients and is based on our experience in the paint industry. For further information, technical assistance or pricing please contact the Axolotl Paint sales team.