How do I select the correct White colour for my space?

The Axolotl Whites palette is a specially formulated range of 20 standard colours. The lighting in your space, and surrounding colours will heavily impact the appearance of your white. As a general guide, a room with lots of sunlight will make whites appear more yellow, and a room with cool lighting will make whites appear more grey. If you are trying to achieve a ‘pure’ white tone in a sunlit room it may be necessary to select a cooler toned white to counteract the warm lighting. As always, we recommend taking a sample pot , or A5 paint out home and painting it in location to test.

TIP: You can paint the sample pot onto a board and move around the room, or throughout your home to check how it appears in the different locations.

What is the most ‘pure’ white in the range?

The most ‘pure’ white tone available in the range is Skipper, however the lighting in your space, and surrounding colours will heavily impact the appearance of your white.

How do I see the true colour?

All Axolotl paint swatches are true representations of the final colour as they are hand mixed and painted rather than printed. If you are having difficulty selecting a colour, you can also surround it with a grey border, or isolator to prevent other tones impacting your judgement.

What is the best sheen level for my application?

 It is recommended to use a suitable sheen level for the application:

  • Ceiling Flat and Flat base are recommended for use on ceilings and low traffic applications. Flat bases will help to hide unevenness and imperfections in the painted surface, however the paint is more susceptible to marking as it has an open pore structure.

  • Low Sheen is the most popular sheen level for interior and exterior walls due to its easier serviceability, and good ability to help conceal uneven surfaces.

  • Satin and Gloss sheen levels are have a higher sheen and are popular for use on internal and external trims

The information above is provided to assist our clients and is based on our experience in the paint industry. For further information, technical assistance or pricing please contact the Axolotl Paint sales team.