Rust Paint Kits


Rust Paint Kits

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Axolotl Rust Paint is an easy to apply and cost effective way to get an authentic rusted effect. The paint works authentically changing in appearance in response to where it’s painted, but without being destructive to the structural integrity of the substrate. The paint can be applied on site for most interior and exterior settings.

  • Small | 300ml Base, 100ml Age, 100ml Seal

  • Medium | 1L Base, 300ml Age, 300ml Seal

  • Large | 4L Base, 1.3L Age, 1.3L Seal

Approximate total coverage based on a three part, two coat system: 

Small Kit = .9 - 1.2m2             Medium Kit = 3m2 - 4m2           Large Kit = 12m2 – 16m2

Refer technical section for data sheet.

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