What is Axolotl Metta?

Axolotl Metta is a unique flat textured acrylic paint with a streak free appearance and subtle colour variation that is easy to apply. The depth and flatness of colour achieved will help to conceal variations in the painted surface and makes Metta paint ideal for facades. Metta is a durable flat base and can be over coated with our clear acrylic sealer for added serviceability. 

What is the difference between Axolotl Metta and Axolotl Metta Grain?

Axolotl Metta is a finely grained flat paint, which can be painted directly from the tin. Axolotl Metta Grain is Axolotl Metta with the addition of a coarser grain, which is supplied in a separate tin and can be mixed in at the time of application. Metta Grain has a coarser appearance and will help to disguise and infill more textured surfaces such as painted brickwork. The coverage of Metta Grain will vary depending on the coarseness of the paint mix.

Where can Metta be used?

Axolotl Metta can be used for both internal and external applications. It is popular for use externally due to the flat sheen and its ability to conceal unevenness and imperfections in surfaces. It is recommended to brush apply Metta, leaving the surface with a soft suede like appearance.

Can Metta paint be touched up?

Lighter colours can generally be successfully touched up if brush applied.Darker colours can fade over time and may be more difficult to match in. For best results it is recommended to repaint the entire wall.

What is the Lifespan of Axolotl Metta?

The lifespan of Axolotl Metta is approximately 7- 10 years. Axolotl Metta is warranted for 7 years with correct application including Axolotl primer.